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Yes, your Highboy frame is narrower, but it will only affect your box. The cab and front clips are all the same for all F-100 to F-350's, 2wd or 4wd from 73 to 79. The body mods you will need to do to fit the box are drill new holes in the bed of the box inboard of where the original holes are. Ford made two locations for holes to be placed. The Highboys used the inner most locations while the remaining F series pickups used the outer most locations. It's an easy swap, I have performed body swaps on my 76 Highboy and my friends 73 Highboy at least 4 times now. We have used 2wd trucks as doner vehicles. My latest was an F-100 Ranger/Lariat body that fit on my Highboy frame like a glove. Hope this info helps.
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