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77 cj Frame alignment out

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I feel like an idiot.
Did a bunch of frame work, linked front and rear. Had some odd alignment issues and it looks like the frame was tweaked before we started the work.
From what I can tell the passenger rail is 3/4”-7/8” pushed back

so my question here is this.

I currently have the body off the frame. Should I cut my cross members and straighten it out or will having the links that much different side to side make a difference? I really do t want to have to modify all the body mounts etc…
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Frames from that generation were often not that square to begin with...
Found some that were within the numbers you mentioned. Old bodyman told me years and years ago that for 60s and 70s car that was almost a norm.
The new exploder I'm building is out of square roughly 3/4"(checked after reading your post. Body all lines up fine. On the front I suspect I'll have a link a bit longer to locate my axle "straight". I did on my last one as well. I don't think I ever noticed anything in the handling. On or off road
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Nice build. That little jeep gonna hustle with that LS in there.
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