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I just bought a new crawler so the CJ has to go. $4,000 as it sits or $3,650 without the new winch. Located in Northlake, TX near Texas Motor Speedway.

-1979 CJ7 304 V-8 on propane, 2 full tanks
-elctronic distributor
-T-18 tranny
-Dana 300 transfer
-Red neck ram assisted steering setup with tractor supply ram
-Front D44 w/Detroit,Chromo shafts, Warn lockouts and diff cover, 3.73s
-Rear D44 welded, Dutchman chromo shafts, 3.73s
-35 creepy crawlers, great tread with aluminum beadlocks
-Spring under leaf spring set-up so no axle wrap issue
-Corbeau suspension seats w/ 5 point camlock harnesses
-Full roll cage
-Front tube fenders
-Homemade rockers
-New steel corner guards with flare
-York compressor system with 2.5 tank.....switch operated with automatic shut off at 140 lbs
-Brand new, never used Smittybilt XRC-8 winch with wire rope

Currently tagged as an antique vehicle and is fine to drive around the neighborhood. The front tires are out of balance so it gets a little bouncy at about 50 mphs. The Jeep has been used as a trail rig and has body damage. No windshield, no stereo, no a/c or heater, no doors, it does have a bikini top. I do have a another winshield frame and wiper motor for it that is not damaged. It was set up with the rear seat and belts when I bought it. I took the seat out (still have it) and added an additional propane bottle. I have a clear Texas title in my name. I can send you pics of any part of the Jeep you want to see so just ask. It does have a small oil leak either from the front of the pan or the timing chain cover. Also, the donut gaskets at the exhaust manifold/exhaust pipe leak. I have the gaskets but haven’t changed them. Call/Text Clint at 940-390-6127.

Pics: http://s241.photobucket.com/albums/ff181/kmamfagain/1979 CJ7/

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I had requests for more pictures so I added another 98 to the album. Also, a full trail cover is included in the sale. Since Bridgeport's offroad park is 45 minutes from my house, wheeling test drives are an option but I'm driving on the hard stuff.
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