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Plans changed on a build I was stacking parts for so these need to go. Willing to trade for a set of Trail Gear Rock assault axles for a kids buggy I’m gathering parts for.

Also have a PSC kit for these axles if you’re interested.

Asking $6000 for everything listed.

79 Ford Dana 60 front and rear axles complete

Everything is new, has not been installed:

1- Ruff Stuff D60 rear disc brake kit

1- YHC70001 Yukon Hardcore Lockout, 35 Spline

1- YA W26012 Yukon Chromo kit for 78 f350

2- YA WFF35-36.5 Yukon Chromo rear axles for 78 f350

2- AK FD60/70 Yukon Rear Axle Bearing and Seal Kit

2- Felpro Rear drive axle gaskets 55328

2-OK 4-QRT-A Yukon Diff fluid and additive

1- YK D60-F Yukon front overhaul kit

1- YK D60-R Yukon rear overhaul kit

1- YG D60R-488R-T Yukon 4.88 gears front

1- YG D60-488T Yukon 4.88 gears rear

2- YZLD60-3-35HC Yukon Comp 35 spline zip locker

2- YP SP700022 Yukon Replacement spindles

2- SKU #:JCW-TM15101 Timken Front outer bearing: 15101

2- SKU #:JCW-TM15245 Timken Front outer race: 15245

2- SKU #: JCW-1024425 Timken Front inner bearing set: SET47

2- SKU #: JCW-TM493637 Timken Front inner oil seal: 493637

2- Timken SBK3 Front inner bearing/oil seal kit:

2- SKU #: JCW-TM387AS Timken Rear inner bearing: 387AS

2- SKU #:JCW-TM382A Timken Rear inner race: 382A

2- SKU #:JCW-1024422 Timken Rear outer bearing set: SET38

2- SKU #: JCW-TM9864S Timken Rear inner oil seal: 9864S in


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