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7M-GE Swap into '83 Trailblazer (same mechanically as pickup)

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I have seen it done, just don't have all of the particulars. I have an engine and need info on what all is involved. Diagrams, walk throughs, parts lists etc. Anything that anyone can contribure to make this easier.
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I did some research on the difference between the 2 a while back, and found that there is only a 30 or so hp difference. I figure that with a good intake, header, cam, and possibly a supercharger down the road, well be able to spiff it up if needed. My thoughts on it now though, is that its twice that amount that I have now, so I should just start with that. Seeing is how I am going to have go baby it having stock axels and tranny.

Any other tranny options beside the stock W56, SM420 and SM465?
I am just looking for more power, I don't want to be like the SuperRunner. Can the toyota drivetrain hold up to that kind of power?
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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