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U-Joint info when using the 8.8 Flange from an Explorer. This is the 1310-1330 Conversion U-Joint.

One of the many vehicles that uses this U-Joint as a stock item.

1978 F-100, 5.0L (302 cu.in.), 2 wheel drive, CrewCab, 2 piece rear driveshaft, used in all three positions.

Precision Regular U-Joint, Greasable, PCN-353, Summit Racing
Precisoin Super U-Joint, Greasable, PCN-275, Summit Racing
Precision Super U-Joint, Non-Greasable, PCN-253, Summit Racing

GMB Regular U-Joint, Non-Greasable, 2100134, Kragen
Neapco Regular U-Joint, Greasable, 10134, Kragen
Neapco Brute Force U-Joint, Non-Greasable, 10134BF, Kragen
McQuay Regular U-Joint, Unsure, U134, Kragen
McQuay Brute force U-Joint, Unsure, U134HP, Kragen

Precision Regular U-Joint, Greasable, PUJ-353, NAPA
Precisoin Super U-Joint, Greasable, PUJ-275, NAPA
Precision Super U-Joint, Non-Greasable, PUJ-253, NAPA
Neapco Regular U-Joint, Greasable, NUJ2100134, NAPA
Neapco Performance U-Joint, Unsure, NUJ2150134, NAPA

PDQ Regular U-Joint, Unsure, 1-0134, Autozone
PDQ Brute Force, Unsure, 1-0134BF, Autozone

You should notice a trend here for the part numbers.
Precision, 353/275/253
All others (but not all) I have researced end with 134.

Some of the sites I have gone to, and put in the info for the F-100, sometimes only gives a P/N that ends in 153. These will not work. Autozone for one example, but I listed their numbers up above.

It is a common U-Joint and can be purchased at most auto parts places using the F-100 above as a reference.

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Spicer has a standard greasable 1310-1330 conversion joint, I used to run one, but then I converted to a standard 1330 on both ends
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