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I like mine, you get a bit over an inch up front, a bit under an inch in back, depending on how your axle is tipped up and how much work you want to do:


I also find that the extra clearance (1" is like running a 2" taller tire) is only part of it, the sliding over stuff is probably the biggest benefit. I recall my first trip after shaving the front axle. I was so stoked at the end of the trail that I didn't think I hit anything up front all day, or so I thought. When I looked closely, I found all the paint scraped off the plate on the bottom of the housing. I had been hitting rocks all day long, but never got hung up on anything, just slid over.

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Biggest benefit is the smooth bottom, not the extra fraction of an inch, although the more the axle is tilted in the rig, the more clearance you actually get. Like so:

Shaving my ass thread

FWIW, I'm also really happy with the way I did the diff armor. I started out making a really neat contoured duckbill like rotozuk did. Halfway through I got pissed, said fawk it, and slapped two 1/4" plates up there and called it good. Easy, it ramps you up over things, andi t took half an hour per diff.

I'll do it this way again when I replace the bent rear housing. :)
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