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81 toyota pickup, norcal

Selling my project truck. I got this non-running vehicle from a co-worker, planning to build it and trash it. It's been sitting for a while, I've done a lot of work, but got into other projects and now it's just taking up space.

IT DOES NOT RUN at the moment. it will have to be towed/trailered away.
1981 Toyota pickup
22R, manual tranny
Previous owner had installed a bolt-on interior cage and 33" tires (generic mud tires, 50% tread left)
has no radio, and most of the heater/vent controls are gone. interior is in pretty rough shape.
has a tool box in the bed
I fixed most of the wiring for the lights, so all the lights work (replaced the side marker lights with LEDs)

When i got it, it wouldn't start at all. I rebuilt the carburetor myself with a kit from carbsonly.com, and put in new jets.
Still wouldn't run, so I rebuilt the engine. I did the complete disassembly & reassembly myself, the machining and valves done at SP Automotive in San Leandro, CA. Complete rebuild kit from engnbldr.com, bored .040 over, new pistons, rings, timing chain, water pump, oil pump, new intake valves (old ones are fine), new throwout bearing, new coil for ignition, new plugs/wires, etc.
I did get it to run, even took it out to Hollister, but it had a massive vacuum leak at the intake manifold. When trying to tighten that up the manifold cracked. I tried again with a second intake manifold and it cracked too.

So that's where it is. It's possible you could just put a new manifold on it and it'll run, but right now it doesn't, and I do not know if it will pass smog. This is definitely a project vehicle, so be prepared to put some work into it.

Right now it's registered in my name, but since I could never get it running enough to smog it, the registration is not completed. I may put the reg back to nonop.

I'm looking for $750 just to get half of the money back that I've put into it.
Will consider trading for a complete MIG welding setup.

Located in San Leandro, CA (east bay area)
email: travisdarmstrong -at- yahoo.com

Just to say it again: it doesn't run, you're responsible for taking it away, and it's sold 'as is', I'm not responsible for making it pass smog.

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Dude consider this sold man.... I got cash and i can come and get it saturday night...... my phone number is 916-714-7356... i'm in sacramento.... call me up... names jared...
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