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Hey guys I'm getting hitched and need to sell my two toys for right now.

2000 Honda CBR 600F4, 9700 miles, yellow-black, laid down once on right side. 2-3 scratches on can that run up it, but not too noticeable. Penny sized scratch on rear fairing with thin crack underneath. I've got pics if you're interested. $4800

Toy truck:
It's an 82 toyota truck with a flatbed. I've got the wiring harness from Howe (includes instructions), that is 98% wired plus the efi tank needs to be installed and it needs a new exhaust. Also needs the alternator mounted on the brackets.

Put all new bearing in sm465 about 100 miles ago before engine swap. All new headgaskets, intake valley seal, valve cover gaskets, rear main seal in 4.3, and timing chain changed.

1) 4.3 liter TBI swap
2) SM 465 and Dana 20 T-case
3) 35x12.50 generic mudders
4) 86 rear axle swapped in
5) Custom rear chevy spring pack lift
7) Parts for upgraded front brakes (Landcruiser and 86 pickup brake parts (I think the brakes need to be rebuilt, but I have a set of Taco calipers you could have instead))
8) 1 inch master brake cylinder
9) Extra/spare 17 gallon fuel tank for 2 tanks setup
10) two spare rear half shafts
11) Set of spare birfields and spare complete knuckle assemblies and spare third.
12) Welded in rear
13) AC compressor for on-board air.
14) One wire suburban 100 amp alternator (brand new).
15) Spare front driveshaft

If you have any more questions let me know, I’d like to sell it for $1800, but I’m negotiable on price.

If you’re interested in other stuff not included with the truck I also have a lock-right already set up and the All-Pro lo-steer set up (2 arms, DOM drag link, 2 heims, modified pitman, and frame sleaves) with a box.

Lock-right I want $200 + shipping
X-over I want $340 + shipping. Not to be a dick, but this price is set, it's more than fair considering it's all you need to get on the trail with x-over and would cost over $400 new from AP, not including the box. The only reason I'm saying this is because I've had a bunch of lowballers email me.


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Ok, got the new gas tank on and wired. Just need to mount the alternator and radiator.

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Would you be interested in trading the truck for a 1991 infiniti g20, 4cyl, auto, leather, needs fuel system flush- otherwise runs good, 160k miles?
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