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This forum is just handy! (wait, *edit, this post made me not a n00b anymore!)

Anyhow- picked up an 82, with a few slight problems.

One of which is the wipers not working, if I turn them on, i hear a clicking/zapping noise coming from what I *think* is the relay for the wiper motor. (forward from the passenger side door, on the wall? Could be the wiper motor.. but I think its the relay. It does it for about 15 seconds, then wont do it until I let it "cool off" for a minute. Thoughts? Ideas?

While im here- the truck needs a new front seal. well, the engine does anyway. Does this involve dropping the crank? Some say yes, some say no, and Haynes manuals suck balls. (I wish I got a chiltons!)

Any tips on either appreciated

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