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I picked this up a few months back to build up, too many projects now. It had an engine fire. This was a Laredo model. The windshield was toast. The cowl and the driver's side fender are a little warped from the heat, but not too bad. Of course the dash, gauges, and heater stuff all toast and/or a melted blob. The driver's floor board has some rust through. The chrome grill cover was damaged, too. Other than that, the body is pretty sound. It has a tilt wheel, power steering, 258, T4, D300, D30 front (the brakes look new), AMC 20 rear. Frame looks good, no cancer. Original swing out tire carrier. I've cleaned up the majority of the melted plastic. The heat appeared to be the worst inside the Jeep. The plastic valve cover is only warped. I don't know if the engine is still okay or not.

Pictures available upon request.

$500/bo (Make me an offer I can't refuse. Just need to get it gone.)

Thanks for looking,

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