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This is a clean but rusty '84 RamCharger. Stock 360/727/208 driveline, stock D44/9.25" axles. Has had 35s on with no lift on stock wheels, currently has 235/75r15 Michelin street tires.

Comes with plow and frame. Have stock front bumper too. Has not been used for plowing - needs work. pump seal in the electric pump is blown. Probably a $2 part, but I have not taken the pump apart to measure for it.

Little over 200,000 miles. Frame is completely solid, body is only rough at the rockers and wheel wells.

Probably needs a pinion bearing on the 9.25". Howls at speed.

Seats are near perfect. Driver's carpet was shot and is gone. Headliner is falling in front.

Runs, drives, steers and stops great. With cut out fender flares and some integrated rock sliders it could even look great. Transmission leaks, pretty sure it's the front pump seal. Still holds pressure and shifts. Only about 50 miles on it since the trans leak started. Was topped off with ATF+4 and the leak started.

Power windows and locks. Windows both work great, passenger lock solenoid failed and power locks are disconnected.

Carb leaks down when it sits and takes a lot of cranking to start. Will start every time if daily driven. Comes with carb rebuild kit.

$1000 OBO -or- trade for pickup in similar condition for towing and hauling. Would consider parting.

Click for pictures. Let me know if you have any requests or questions. Located in 14487, south of Rochester. Could arrange regional delivery.

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