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I have a 84 toyota 4x4 List of Mods...

EFI Swap, out of 89 (Rebuilt Motor, going to install this weekend)
Brand New 36x12.50-15 Swamper TSL's on 15x10 Black Eatons
Marlin Crawler (New Never Used, but Installed)
AlPro Cross Member for Dual Case.
Brand New HiAngle Drive Shaft From Jess. (front)
Waggy Springs, and New Downey Shackles Front
Cross Over Steering Kongs Arms, Custom Rods w/ Himes
Stock 4:10's
Welded Rear
Custom 4 Link Rear Susp. TJ or YJ Coils (not sure witch jeep is Coil and witch Leaf)
Tacoma Rear Drive Shaft w/ CV
Custom Flat Bed
Cab in good shape Silver.
Old Downey Header, w/ Flowmaster.

A lot of other little things cant think of them all. Most parts are new, I put them on and motor has been bad for over a year. Just started the rebuild, will run strong after this weekend, or next.. The truck is Fule Injected now, was done right, and ran good.

I am located in Lufkin Tx. Between Houston and Dallas. Looking to get $4000.00 obo. Have title some where, (in process of finding.. lol)

Here is a couple pics. The hood looks funny cause we are about to put the motor in, and it is not bolted down. The tool box on the bed is just sitting there, it is not bolted there. Also the pos looking cage is comeing off, I started it, and never finished.

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