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Front and rear solid axles off of 84 pickup. All stock, complete from hub to hub, no known problems, 132k miles. $250 front, $75 rear.

8 lug outters from 80 3/4 ton Chevy 10 bolt front axle. Should fit Dana 44's with no problems. Includes spindles, rotors, calipers, backing plates, lug nuts. The spindles were beat off with a hammer (don't ask :rolleyes: ), but the bearing surfaces look undamaged. I'll get some pics before the weekend. $100 for all.

The 84 pickup is being parted out, so if there are any other parts you need, ask me. Zip code for shipping is 51104, I live on the border of Iowa/Nebraska/South Dakota. In 2 weeks I'll be driving to Detroit by way of Indianapolis so I can deliver anywhere along that route.

[email protected]
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