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Well, I finally pulled all of the drive train out of the yota so now it's up for sale. So, the engine has about 120,000 miles on it compression is as follows. 125, 125, 105, 125. Number three is kinda low but since I bought the truck I haven't notice any oil burning. When the motor was put in the truck the motor had 100,000 miles on it and the head was milled and checked and thrown back on. New water pump was added less then 500 miles, full tune up was done ie (cap/rotor, plugs,filter, and wires). the motor runs really strong, haven't had a problem with it at all.

The tranny is rebuilt, it has about 3,000 miles. Shifts threw all gears nicely and there is no slop in the shifter. the clutch was replaced when the tranny was put it. i'm not sure what the brande is (can't see any marking except for pht i think). I was told it was a centerforce clutch but i'm not sure on that.

The transfer case is the original I believe so it should have 250,000 miles on it but 4 wheeldrive works and it lokks cleen inside and there is not really any play when you spin the input shaft.

Also the truck cam with a weber carb. i'm not sure what model it is. the intake holes are both the same size.

I would prefer to sell this as a package. Looking to get :jeep: $700 :jeep: for the whole thing including the weber carb.

Note the engine still has all the accessories on it ie, power steering pump, ac compressor, alt., and what not. This is basically just the whole drivetrain pulled from my yota except for a few missing nuts and bolts.

You can also have the radiator, hoses,coil, starter and what ever else i have in the parts box. I can take pictures just shoot me a email or a private message.
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