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85 4Runner NICE!!!!

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Ok i have a 85 4Runner i was going to build but now have other plans.

Factory Straight Axle w/ EFI 4cyl 5 speed. Motor is Brand new ZERO miles. All in all the truck is pretty much all stock!! It came with some lift blocks in the back and has a brand new set of 31x10.50 Cooper AT's on alloy wheels. Interior is pretty nice for a 85 truck.


Brand New Trail Gear Toyota High Steer Crossover Steering Kit Still in the box. $275.00

New Trail gear IFS Steering Box Mount and a IFS steering box with the steering shaft and rag joints pulled off a 94 running and driving truck. $100 for all of it.

Brand New set of Trail Gear Shackles Front Offset 5", and also have the spacers that will make them work on the rear also. $50 for shackles with front and rear spacers.

Toyota Forward Shift Transfercase off a 92 Pickup in perfect working condition. $65

Pair of warn Hubs to fit a Toyota IFS front end 86-94 $40

1 Pair of Rear leaf springs off 84 Pickup $40

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINISHED EDIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will let the 4Runner go for 2800.00 as is w/ the 31's

If you take all the parts with the 4Runner $450 extra!!!

This truck is pretty clean for old as it is.

Located in lufkin Tx. 75901


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very interested in the runner. does the ac work? any rust?(frame, under body?) original paint? can you send some pics of interior/engine bay? where in tx?
Any pics with the 31's ? As Mike said any rust? e-mail pics to [email protected]
sorry, e-mail those pics to [email protected] if possible. thanks. (just figuring this pirate thing out! long time listener, first time caller type thing.)
frame is solid not any rust to speak of. The ac is all there it needs to be charged, I can do it and also i am sure it all works. I have not got that far. I will get more pics. this afternoon.
more pics.


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Is that a metal hood or fiberglass ? looks like it' sagging on body line . on left fender near hinge area. Is this oem paint or a redo?
it is a stock metal hood, when we took it off while rebuilding the motor some how some one bent it, I am not sure how, but its just a little bent. The truck has been repainted some where down the line, its in good shape for a 85, but has always been red in color
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wish you were closer. I could have written you a check today:flipoff2:

Bump for a clean runner at a good price.
that sami is pretty cool, I am just not in the market for anything like that right now. Thanks!

Hey this is a nice Yota. The price is very fair, would be great for a younger person looking to start and learn. I have built a few formula ones from these. They are great to work with and easy to find parts. PS the wiring harness sucks but on 35 with some ebay parts and a welder, you'll have a great street/trail ride. Did he mention rebuilt engine. Good luck with your sale. Thats your bump......
I tried calling today twice but no answer, Bump for the 4runner
I tried to call you back but got VM. i will try again tonight around 8pm.?.?

I got rid of the 35's and the wheels. i am going to put all the parts up for sale seperate, the 4runner now has the alloy wheels and 31's on it. Still asking just $2800for the truck.
Damn, a good deal and LOCAL! And I have no money right now. Bout right. Good lookin 4runner, Bump for ya
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