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Not posted in a long time, but still reading/staying involved where i can.
I am looking for some help with a current OM617 (5-Cyl '84 Mercedes 3.0 liter TD) swap into a 85 CJ i have had for years on the back-burner.
I am using the AMC 20 (solid axle shafts) and Tremec 4-speed and D300 TC. I have finally gotten it all bolted together and fabbed my mounts but not welded in yet because i can't seem to get shit straight.
Basically, the pinion on the rear axle is offset slightly to the DS (roughly 3/4" from memory) if measured to the frame rails adjacent to the pinion input and if i project that forward, to the front and create a line between the two points that should represent the driveline front to back and place the engine crankshaft front pulley on that line and the transfer case output on the line, the front of the engine is not orthogonal with the frame rails.
What i could really benefit from is someone who has a CJ7, to give me a measurement from the center of the front crank pulley to each side of the frame-rails.
just seems odd that i can line it up lengthwise but then the engine is clearly sitting canted with respect to the frame at the front of the engine.
Any ideas (within reason of course) are appreciated.
I can grab some pictures next time i am at the shop if that helps.
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