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OK. I rolled the dice with this thing and lost. I was driving the shit out of an old Toyota Corolla for years when it finally blew up. I bought this Honda to serve the same purpose. It passed smog in Sept. I bought it in Oct. It ran great, I really would have never known there was a problem. Turns out it has a blown head gasket. I did a comp. check and 75psi in cyl. #2. doesnt show up in the oil..just drinks it while you drive. I dont have the time to fix it as Im leaving the country for work for a while. Im tired of CL people wasting my time. This thing runs good, looks...well, its a beater. I'll even be down to trade for a nice welder or other tools, landscaping material, etc. I just need it gone.

Im located in Oakley, CA. $600 or best offer.

I priced out a reman head and you may be looking at ~$300+core. Timing belt was done just before i bought it and it had a clutch last year.

1.5L carb'd motor
5 spd


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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