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Ok I gotta get a red star again for pics

This runner is clean and not beat to shit. I bought it off Marlin board in summer 2010 for 7k and it just sits in my garage. This is a hell of a deal, I just don't have room or time to wheel anymore as I own a very demanding company. My loss is your gain!

22re/5spd with downey intake and lc header
4:7 single case with case e brake
4:88 gears with detroits
marlin 6" springs
bilstein shocks
new 12,000 pound winch
stinger front bumper
marlin rock sliders
marlin rear bumper
newer fj seats
35" brand new x terrains (500 miles)
stock shafts (took longs out)
spare tire
Everything is in good shape..not beat at all. color is two tone black and beige.
Buyer smogs with one year back reg. pics soon! located in Santa Rosa Ca.
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