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Just picked up another 85 4 runner and I have some front lift springs but just want some super cheap rears so I can lift the back also. Downeys, Rancho, super lift whatever just as long as I can use the stock mounts for now until the next step. Could also use some shocks, anything to get by. Also looking for 4 15x8 black steelies 3.75 or 3.5 BS W/or W/out used mud tires. I have some parts to trade like: Stock J arm, tie rod, drag link, steering arms and an 85 manual pedal assembly, Flywheel, working fuel pump, Runner side window and glass, 83 long bed drive shaft, 85 extra cab rear drive shaft front section and carrier, stock 4 cyl 4:10 3rd member, Stock Birfield and long inner, 1 new TG hydro assist line and ram mounting hardware/brackets.

Santa Cruz
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