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'86 Chevy K5 main body and frame

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I am selling the main body and frame from our dead '86 Chevy K5 Blazer. It has no rust and NO dents. It is located in Loomis Ca, it will go with the majority of it's tan interior.

Asking $100 to get it out of our yard.

I have no way to haul it but have a Bobcat through Friday to help load it on your trailer. The frame is complete front to rear and uncracked. front springs are gone but rears are still attached. The title is availible but has a year of back reg. and is due for a smog. If you are building a rock or comp. buggy this is a sick deal.
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I will try to get down there to post some pix today :flipoff2:
I still have It, but have not gotten around to getting pictures as it sits. I do still have a few pictures of it before we took it apart.:D If you are interested the price is still best offer and is by no means firm.:)
Do you still have the front clip available?, What's the over all shape of the body. I have a buddy who is very interested (rolled his a few months ago)
The front clip is gone, and there is no lid. It is just the frame and main unibody section. The main body has no dents that I have found nor rust. There is a hole in the left rear quarter pannel where a CB antenna came through.
does it have the seatbelts for the rear? and would you mind selling those separately?

- ryan
Trying to make the rest go in one big chunk. You might be able to get them from who ever gets the hulk.:D
I have thought about this and decided I do not want it

I have to many projects now that wont get finished so I cant see the reason to bring home another

thanks Terry
ill buy it for sure!

i am very interested, i rolled my 84 a little while back and plan to piece it back together...Ill drive up from fremont this next coming weekend and give you $50 to take it all off your hands!!!!I would pay more but the drive will cost me 50 alone!
Thanks jake
Call Jeff to set that up but it sounds good. 530-308-2952 Cell
Im having trouble finding a trailer!! I will give you a call later this week, after i find a place to put it.
Are you getting rid of the seats too? What kinda condition are they in if you are (are they adjustable, cloth, vinyl, etc.)
It needs to go away all in one peice. If you want to talk to the person who decides to come and get it , it's ok as long as the whole thing goes away.:D
good question

I actually wouldnt mind knowing a little more about the interior. If you have seats thats one less thing i need to look for. Full interior isnt needed, its just a plus
Dont worry ill come and get it just need to finalize where im putting it and get a trailer!
All three seats are there. They are brown in color but the fabric on the drivers seat has seen better days. All of the seatbelts are there and also the carpet. We have had it tarped but some water has gotten in, in the last rain so there is a little mold. The door skins are still there but are missing some internal parts. Tan sidepannels in the back are still there but were at one time cut for a set of 6.5" speakers. The dash and controls are gone.
Free anybody?
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