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I have a nice 86 runner built for DD and crawling, it’s more a crawler now but a set of new tires could make it a nice driver. I'm not in a rush to seal just want something better for driving to trails and hauling the family. I want something with more power and better axles and don't have the time to do the mods I want to on mine so I’m going to try and sell it and buy one all set up.

I can take parts off to make it worth what you want to spend if that helps and have extra parts and a trailer if you want to buy them extra.

Pics Here 86 Runner Clean Build, San Jose Ca

Location San Jose Ca

Martin 408-398-1884

Price 9K OBO

The Bad First
• few dents but nothing to bad
• tire career got hit and is hard to close (I removed it for now)
• Cold start injector is out(Starts fine after its warmed up)

Suspension & Axles
• 5” Marlin Springs ( took out bottom leaf to lower front and flex better )
• Bilstein 5150 14” shocks
• Marlin shock hoops
• Marlin front axle shock and end brace kit welded in
• Marlin front axle top truss
• 85 housing rebuild about a year ago with marlin rebuild kit
• 529 R&P with locker ( came with axle)
• Marlin 27 spline outers stock inners
• Trail gear cross over steering and arms
• ARP arm studs for hydro
• Rebuilt steering box taped for hydro
• Steering stabilized ( planned to take off after hydro went on)
• Upgrade front brakes to V6 along with master cylinder

• 86 housing (With custom top brace that I made)
• TG Diff guard
• New Yukon 529 gears with Detroit ( 1 year old)
• 6” Marlin HD springs ( work well with all the weight for the ass end)
• Bilistein 14” 5125 set up on a /\
• New brake hard lines on rear axle with marlin breather tube.

Wheels & Tires

-37 BFG KM2's with 95% tread mounted on 17x9 eagle alloy 137sPolished with black faux beadlock rings

Engine and t-case
• Motor from an 88 truck with 140k on bottom end and 10k on head is what the guy told me that I bought the engine and tranny from.
• All new components on motor water pump PS pump and all belts hoses motor mounts.
• LCE cal legal header to a new cal legal cat with1 chamber flow ( sounds good for a 4 banger)
• Enginbulder mid-range cam that I put in when I swapped in the new motor
• Engine was stripped to block when I got it and freshened up with all new gaskets.
• Stock w56 b tranny with marlin 1200LB clutch.
• Dual stock cases with marlin adapter
• Drive shaftes done by bay drive line in Pittsburg ca
• Unknown cross member that bought for cheap and modified to fit my set up.
• A/C works ok
• Heater is hot as :pokinit: like all yotas
• GM 3 wire CS-130 105Amp alternator swap done. Upgrade all grounds to 2ga. And ran new 2ga. Wire for alternator to battery.

Body Armor,
• Custom plate front bumper that I made with warn xd90001 and some lights ( kind of want to keep the winch) 86 Runner Front Plate Bumper Build (Update)

• 2x4 sliders that I made
• Marlin rear bumper with a swing out spare tire career that I added to the rear bumper
MC rear bumper mod for tire carear on a runner

• Tried to plan for exo when I built the bumpers and sliders so you could add cage stuff later.

Other Stuff
• LED Rock lights with switches in the dash (wired nice with relays)
• I Made a new center counsel
• Pull out drawers in the back for storage
• New speakers and deck
• Big stereo system in back, 2/8” subs and 1/10” sub with two amps( Would probably keep this)
• 20LB co2 tank holder for air ( id keep the tank)
• High lift holder on top of the speaker box cross bar( no one will steel my :pokinit: with the top off)
• Clean interior
• Spare 37MTR
• Sits on 37 Iroks with 70% and d window steel black wheels with fake bead lock rock ring things.
• Balanced with equlbalance( small beads) (works ok) was going to switch to bbs
• Half doors with cup holders and nice wood panels in side
• Rig was a sr5 when I got it but I took all the power window stuff out because it didn’t work.
• Wired the back window with a different switch in the front conceal to bypass the stock crap that doesn’t work
• Spare rear d-shaft mounted in the rear bumper
• I made a bikini top out of a FJ40 Bikini top and made my own mounts and other stuff.
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