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I've been looking for a drive train for a project I'm doing and haven't found one close to home. I found a complete truck for $1,000 and it runs and drives fine. All I need is the drive train, I don't want the rest and don't have a place to keep it long term.

ANyone interested? I'm thinking $500 for the rest, unless you're that dude from fresno, then it's $1,100 and an R151F. I viewed the truck in person and it has never been in a major accident. the frame, inner fenders, core support, and cab/tub are in really good shape with no rust. door dings on the rear panels only. The only issue I could find was bondo on the driver door and front fender. THe truck is metallic gray but both doors and fenders have primer. the clear coat on the hood and roof is peeling badly. Again, NO rust. The interior is really dirty but all there.

I dont have vin and the guy selling it said no pink, he bought it at a lien sale. he has all the paperwork from the lien sale.

I'm down in Los Angeles. Here's my email if you're interested [email protected]

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