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Posting for my sister. She helped a couple buy this truck, only to have to take it back due to lack of payments. It needs a little work, can't pinpont problem but will drive in 4lo, and shifts into 2wd, but doesn't want to move.. I think transfer case synchros are bad. Anyways here is info, must be trailered..

87 4x4 Chevy truck. Had a rebuilt engine 1-2 years ago at 78k.. Body is excellant, no visible rust Paint is really good. V8 auto trans, mild lift, tires fair still have some life in them. The good: it starts without hesitation, new battery, fairly clean, not detailed but in pretty good shape. The bad, transfer case won't shift out of 4 Lo, ok.. it shifts but truck will not move, it is driveable in 4LO only.. Linkage problem?? Supposedly the rear is bad, but I couldnt tell in 4LO.. Located in Arkansas, 90 miles west of Memphis, 72450 if interested call: 870-239-9889 NO EMAILS.. Would make a nice street truck or good off road project truck.. $1500.00 Here's some pics:
More pics here: http://www.msnusers.com/87Chevy/shoebox.msnw
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