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Bougtht it like ths in april for 1200 it ran had a lot of bondo and a horrible paint job at this point i was thinking a small lift yj spring under or similar with 33s max but that quickly changed

my plans
35s - 38s
air shocks
rear detroit
front true trac or selectable
hydro assist
6.5 t case with snatch
other various shtuff

I decided to fix the rotted floor boards they were bad and i just wanted to take the body off to fix all the bondo

right around this time a gentleman had a set of toy axles not far from me that had link tabs and hydro and six stud knuckles thats when i decided to go a lil bigger probably a bad idea but oh well i actually dont have a picture of them maybe later but i do have pics of the rear links i made and brackets

as it sits today i cut the fenders though and did a rocker improvement on the passenger side ill take more pics next few days

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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