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motor has a rod knock ran pefect other than that.. BRAND NEW timing cover and steel backed guide from engine builder.( just spent $100 3 weeks ago). Put them in and started it up to hear rod knock.. Bought motor without hearing it run and put these in.... head had been rebuilt at some point.. has a rebuild heat tab. sold

toyota auto with case out of a 88 4 runner.. did not slip but some times you would have down shift it manually when you would come up to a stop light.. 4xd worked fine $$$$$$$$$$$$free.....GONE!!!!

93 22re, same thing, had rod knock, took head off. ran well when pulled out.. the motor has been bored before.. one size over pistons.

$50.00 for head, $50.00 for block,

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1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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