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im looking at buying an 88 K-5 Blazer from and individual and had a question or 2 that i cant seem to find anything about.
1. This truck has a Turbo 400 tranny in it, the guy says when he put it in there was somthing that didnt fit about the front drive shaft so he didnt put it in (somthing about how the tranny sits) ive looked under it and looks like the cross member under the tranny is in the way.
2. anyone had or heard of this problem?
3. fixable?(he says it is with about $200.00 for a skid plate and some adjusting done by the local 4x4 shop)

Ive been wanting a K-5 for along time now and i dont mind working on one myself but ive never done anything with a tranny on a K-5 and dont want to have to sink alot of money into one be carse of my own ignorance.

Thanks in advance

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