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88 toyota truck - Engine

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I just pickup an 88 toyota(stock height, camper shell, standard cab, v6, 180miles on truck, supposly rebuilt at 120, pretty clean do major dents)
The engine is missing pretty good. It starts up fine and you can drive it around town and on the freeway fine. I think it might have a dead cylinder.
What is the average cost to rebuild an engine?
Is it cheaper to just buy a rebuilt engine?
Or should I just sell it as is? whats it worth?

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Rebuild it yourself so you know its done right. you never know what the guys are doind when they build those reman engines. Most of the guys doing that kinda hing dont evn know what a connecting rod is.

So my vote re build it yourself using some decetn quailty parts, and a goood machine shop.
Well, it's better to rebuild an engine yourself if you think you can rebuild it better yourself ya know? I say do it for the experience anyway. Otherwise, check ATK for 22re motors in the 2000 range, or engnbldr.com has cheap kits that you with machine costs would put you probably in the 800 dollar range counting all the little crap. Search: DOA, LC engineering.
Do a compression check, I bought the exact same truck, and he had 50psi on #2. If you are lucky it will be on 2,4,6. But all you need to do is shim the valve. Mine was an exhaust valve, went to Toyota and got a shim for 10 bucks, no more prob.
Those V-6's had some kind of recall related to the heads. Take it to Toyota and maybe the'll fix at. Couldn't hurt to ask. I've heard that they were replacing the whole motor, but I'm not positive about that. Still couldn't hurt to ask.
Unfortunately the 88's and early 89's weren't eligible for the recall. Also 15 years old and with 180k I personally don't think Toyota should be responsible for anything. I know others think differently.
Tovota V6

So I finally did a compresion check and all the cylinders were at about 165 except # 3 which was at ZERO! I don't know much about Toyota engines and was hoping someone else had this problem. I'm willing to consider all options:
expensive fix?
cheap fix?
Just sell it?
trade it plus cash?

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