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I hate to see it sitting so Im going to sell it. As it sits the truck is not driving. With just a little bit of work this can be a great wheeler. Before I started with this transformation the truck wheeled quite well.

88 yota
22re 86,xxx original miles
SAS with sky hanger 82 front end
4.10 in axels
63" chevy rears
44044/stock toy rear up front
Rancho shocks
duel cases with stock gears in both cases
bud built X-member
square front shaft
sky hysteer
hydro assist
electric fan
LC engineering header
rear diff is welded
fuel cell
Front bellview winch
rear 6000lb ramsey
38.5 gumbo monster mudders (grooved)
firewall has been tubbed
front clip narrowed
lots of tube

Im sure there is more but Im drawing a blank

What needs to be done:

exhaust finsihed
exo finish welded
front winch mounted
all the stuff that was on the inner fenders needs to be mounted (inner fenders gone)
front fenders need to be mounted
fuel cell plumbed
rear shocks mounted (included)
fuel pump needed (not included)

I have about 6 ft of tube that can go along with it. As I said I am not in the north east but the truck can be seen in York, Me and will need to be trailered. I have the title as well. PM me with any questions $3000

pics here
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