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New member here. I was on pirate about 10 years ago and was into Toyotas. Anyway, due to a death in the family I have a new project and am looking for build advice. Here is what I have now:

1989 YJ with 150k miles that has been sitting for almost two years
  • 258 with Howell TBI kit and messy wiring. Not running. Engine turns over and idles really rough then dies. The fuel pump runs constantly, so I'm thinking the relay is bad.
  • Peugot manual transmission. Was popping out of gear two years ago. Clutch goes to floor now
  • NP231 transfer case with TeraLow kit and slip yoke eliminator
  • Dana 30 with Loc-Rite and 4.88, broken driver's side axle
  • Dana 35 with Detroit and 4.88
  • 35s on 15 x 10 steel wheels
  • 2" body lift
  • 3" Superlift springs
I also have an AMC TH400 that was mated to a quadratrac transfer case in a late 70s Jeep.

I want to get this running and use it for trails in the Four Corners area and also for trips over Colorado mountain passes. Here is what I have planned:
  • Rebuild the 258 and sort out the Howell TBI wiring and fuel pump problems
  • Swap in the TH400 and install adapter / output shaft to mate with np231
  • Leave Dana 30 front for now. New hardened axles, locking hubs, bigger brakes
  • Swap in Ford 8.8 Rear axle with 4.88s and locker
  • Remove body lift and install new bushings. Trim fenders to fit 35s.
  • Leave it SUA for now, but flip the shackles and install Rancho 44044s front and rear to lengthen the wheelbase 4".
  • Full roll cage, tied in to frame.
  • Keep the 35s, but mount them on 8" or 8.5" width wheels
I would appreciate any input. I'm looking to get this done without spending too much money and have something that can be driven to the trails, although this isn't a daily driver.

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