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Finally tore apart the 3d member today, and the more I dig into this axle the more I realize that it has a badass design. regearing this thing should be a breeze! (knock on wood)

The only thing I couldn't figure out was how to get the little pinion support bearing out of the 3d memeber. Its held in through the back by some kind of circular retaining clip. I would just bust it out but my install kit didn't come with a new one, but from the design of the pinion I don't see why I would even need that clip to hold that bearing in. Any suggestions/insight?

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depends, some are a snap ring, some are a spider lock washer.
If its the lock washer, you need a new one, TONs of vendors sell it.
To get it out, just push the bearing out and it will push that lock ring out
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