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Truck is located in Tulsa, OK

Visit http://www.cardomain.com/id/akarilo for pics of this truck in action.

ENGINE: Factory 3.0L 6 cyl. with a Mitsubishi TE05H Turbo being spooled by both cylinder banks. The engine has just had a complete top end utilizing a Felpro gasket kit and ARP head studs. Current setup is running a modest 5psi through a Toyota MR2 Intercooler. Fuel control is handled by a Bell rising rate regulator. This setup has been run for approximately 2 years and has never experienced any pre-detonation. This setup is good for an additional 35-40hp.

Transmission: Converted from auto to 5 speed to accomedate Marlin Crawler Box.

Transfer Case: Marlin Crawler 23 spline, 4.7:1 single case setup. Factory gearbox included as well.

Front Axle: 1985 Toyota axle with TRD electric locker retroed in(4.56:1). I fully rebuilt this axle and have had exceptional results with it. It has never even busted a birfield. Full Marlin SAS components. Bilstein 5150's

Rear Axle: 1990 Toyota axle with TRD electric locker, (4.56:1).

Rear Suspension: 1 inch longer lower control arms and uppers were fabricated to adjust pinion angle. Uppers utilize Johhny Joints.

Wheels/Tires: 15x8 Rock Crawlers with 35X12.50 BFG KM (75%).

Armor: Bumpers, Sliders, Roll Bar were all custom fabricated and are very capable of protecting from any rocks that I've encountered.

Paint/Bedliner This is a product called Extreme Liner and was applied with an undercoating gun. I have been totaly amazed with this product. I recently got in to a tree along the fender and wrinkled it up. The surface did not rip or tear and I was able to fully straighten the panel without any deformation of the surface finish.
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