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I think I may have roasted a bearing or something, and need your input desperately!
Forgot to unlock the front hubs for approx
40 miles at freeway speeds recently.. oops.
Now when the tranny (E4OD) shifts from 2-3
and sometimes 3-OD, something is making a
"chatter" like sound. I'm pretty sure its
coming from the transfercase, not the tranny.
I tried this morning putting it in 4x4 hi
range to see what happens. It made the same
noise, but at all almost all speeds/shifts.

So, help me guys, this is my daily driver.
Either I have to buy a rebuilt case, or try
to dismantle it myself, but I don't have much

Thanks a ton. And if anybody can recommend
a shop in San Jose, (one that YOU personally
know their reputation) I'd appreciate that
as well).....

hep me, hep me, hep me..............


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just running with the hubs locked isnt gonna hurt something. make sure of the problem. when i lived in elko i locked the hubs in Nov and unlocked them in march and never hurt a thing.

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sounds like a drive shaft, either your pinion nut on the diff has come loose or your CV has gone bad, climb under the truck, set the P-brake, and leaave it in N, grab the sfat and try and move it up and down, if it has play up and down find out where the play is and that where its bad

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thanks for the replies.. Mark, er,
Bent-welderman, It's not the d-line. Recently replaced all 3 ujoints only 500mi
ago, and the center cariier bearing. (NO cv)
on this one. It only does the "bearing-
chatter" sound inbetween the shifts. mainly
2-3, sometime 3-OD...

The sound is kinda like this: (example)

If you have ever played around with a bearing
using air to spin it, and it gets going really fast, then gets to a point in which
it does the "bearing-chatter" thing, and
slows itself down, that is what I think
is occurring somewhere under the truck.
(and yes I already know to not spin-dry
bearings) but it's kinda fun to do with
the old ones you're not gonna use again..

back to the truck problem... My main hope
is that it's not in the tranny. I'd die
if it's that again. the transfercase is
cheaper, and I can probably do that myself.

I might even be buying a cheapo-4x4 runner
for using while the Fomoco is down for the

THanks all, keep the relies coming, please!

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