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1992 3.0 toyota pickup ($8500)

Novato CA

SAS with 6 shooters, locked and cromos (have spares) 5.29

balanced drive lines

5 speed that shifts smooth. stock geared front case, second case 4.7 twin stick

pcs power steering pump and bottle from Low range off road

rear axle, modified stock housing to fit a 2000 runner E locker third, 5.29

64 chevy springs

build front, side and rear bumpers

interior is in ok shape.
sony deck alpine door speakers and 10 in sub

also comes with MC tube half doors

a few dents and dings but non on the cab.

one offroad trip threw Fordyce and thats it!
runs smooth and strait down the freeway at 70
just drove it to Boise idaho and back with no issues.


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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