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I bought this off someone on Cowtown. Here's what was done to it before I bought it and since i've bought it.

All work has been done at Baileys Crankshaft
Work done to the block
It has been cleaned in a vat
All new bearing
Rods have been weighted
New pistons
Bored .30 over
9 to 1 comp.
New freeze plugs
New gaskets and seal

Work done to the heads
All valves have been reseated
All new valve guides
Has been magna-flex
Springs have been checked
Cleaned in a vat

Cleaned in a vat

Valve covers
Have been B-blasted
I have painted those red.

I also had the Exhaust Manifolds cleaned, and then I painted them black.

I have a brand new Oil Pump, Screen, and Shaft installed. I used Felpro gaskets for everything. The oil pan is installed. It has a new Wix Oil Filter installed. The top of the engine is all put together except for the throttle body, which i have. The timing cover is installed and painted red. This has a brand new Water Pump that I put on it, and I have a brand new Alternator and Ignition Coil in boxes for it. It has a brand new distributor installed, and brand new Bosch Platinum 2 plugs installed. I have brand new Bosch spark plug wires in a box for it. The engine currently has 5 quarts of Mobile 1 Super Syn Synthetic oil in it, and I have primed it.

I paid $650 for the engine with ZERO miles on it since the cleaning and being rebuilt. I bought new spark plugs, wire set, distributor, distributor cap, ignition coil, alternator, water pump, rear main seal, Felpro gasket kits, oil filter, oil, and more. This all adds up to more than $600. So my total into this engine is probably about $1300 or more.

It also comes with complete wire harness, computer, and flywheel.

I would like $1200 for the whole thing. I have put a lot of time into this, so this engine should make an awesome upgrade for someone.

ZERO miles on it.

Thanks, James

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Is this engine still available? I have a 91 S10 Blazer that blew an engine & want to find a good rebuilt. This looks like a good possibility. If still available, please reply to set up a possible mtg to arrange purchase.
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