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1991 4runner v-6 5-spd black, grey interior
Front suspension
-SAS 5.29 detriot locker, all pro cross over, rancho 9000, ford towers, all pro 4" springs, just needs drive shaft.
Rear Suspension
-5 1/2" all pro springs, rancho 9000, 5.29 welded

-37" mtr's less than 1000 miles, american racing outlaw wheels
-all pro style sliders ( i made them)
strong engine 180,000 miles, engine was rebuilt when toyota recaled them.
-new clutch
-brakes work great
power steering leaks a little, other than that no leaks
- nice interior, a/c needs recharge, rear heat works
-removable doors
asking $8500 obo, if i get $9000 i will make roll cage and bumpers to your specifications, and get a front driveshaft (then all you will need is a transfer case and you are ready for some wheeling.
i can email pics if interested [email protected]

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I wish I had the cash, Alls I got is a 89 yota. But, I would be possibly interested in some fab work for sure. Do you have any pictures of front bumpers that you've made??? My truck was in a mild fenderbender but since life is a bitch I not only need a new fender, but also a new bumper. I'd rather not have the guy that hit me pay somthin like 550 for a stock toy bumper that'll get taken off the truck in a month so i can put a fabbed bumper on anyway. So, gimme a price estimate on this idea. I'd preferr to have box tubing prolly like 3/16 thick or maybe a lil thicker. I'd like to have it wrap around the corners similar to how a stock bumper looks but I'd like the angles to be a little rounded, kinda like this from the top view.

l l

I'd like a lisence plate mount, a hook, or a few rings to tow. An I'd like to have little rounded lights where the old factory bumper lights once were. bentup.com has the closest to what I'm lookin for so you could look at that site and let me know if thats possible for you. I think you just might be closer than a drive to the 916 area code and closer is always better, not to mention if you can keep the price not so bad either.

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