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91 Montero RS

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Looking at 91 Montero RS with a fresh engine rebuild. I've only ever had jeeps and suzuki samurais but I'm looking at a Montero for a family camper. How easy is it to install a dana 300 into one since the transmission has a NP 6 bolt pattern? Can someone give me a little more info on these as far as capability?
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4 cylinder manual trans Monteros have the shifter for the trans built into the t-case. Not sure on a '91.

The drive is on the opposite side vs the Montero t-case, a 231 swap might be better with an automatic. the drive is on the correct side that way, and the shifter is easier to adapt rather than flipping the Dana 300.

Not sure of the spline count on the late V6 Montero. 23 is the common jeep spline count. the older 4 cylinder sticks had a smaller 24 spline.

The Montero 4 speed OD auto is basically the same as the jeep XJ AW-4, IIRC. Might be able to swap the output and extension housing to jeep parts if they are different.
Thanks, wasn't sure if the drop was passenger or driver on the stock transfer case. How well would a 91 do for mild fire roads, beach and highway?
With decent tires they do pretty well. 31's fit pretty easily and will handle most mild to mid level wheeling chores.

On my friend's '87 2 door, we installed a stock Power-Lock type posi unit in the rear and a "Lokka" lunchbox locker from Australia in the original 4 cyl. front diff and it will go almost anywhere within the limits of the 31x10-50s he runs! The V6 axles are easier to find lockers for (ARB).

The only bitch we have is with the 4 cylinder's carb and the need to keep it smog legal here in CA. The V6s are fuel injected and run better at odd angles and are generally more reliable, too. Parts are getting harder to get, most local stores don't stock anything for it Rockauto is a savior.
with the 91 the shifter is on the passenger side of the auto shifter so is the tcase a passenger drop? Forget the stupid question.
Driver's side front driveline to the frame mounted diff on Monteros. The V6 has a larger ring gear front than the 4 cylinder. 8" vs 7.5" IIRC. Also, the '91(Gen 1) is low pinion, Gen 2 is high pinion.
You'd have to run the D300 upside down to get it clocked properly.

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Lordtrunks has a flipped Dana 300 in his 89 two door, even with a 3" bodylift we had to cut a hole in the floor and make a doghouse for it to clear. Dana 20 from a bronco fits better and an NP241 fits even better still. I've installed these before too so i can give you a little insight if needed, also you can get Tom Woods shafts easily for these.
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