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if you don't "Know a thing about engine work" then you can expect to pay $3,000 + to have that turbo engine rebuilt. If that engine has many miles on it expect to replace the turbo. The exhaust manifold is probably cracked. there is a good chance the turbo exhause housing is cracked by the waste gate.

It's just an expensive engine to rebuild and the stock turbo's dont last long.

are you prepared to modify the stock wiring harness for the turbo engine? the swap is not plug and play because turbo's were 85-87 and V6 was 88 on. each model year toyota made small changes.

the 3.0 engine isn't that bad. the only problem is the exhaust manifold design is stuupid. resurface the heads with new gaskets. with some headers on it with decent exhaust system and it'll run fine
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