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I am a newbie to the 4 wheel lifestyle and for a mear $500 have recently purchased a 91 Toyota Pickup Extended Cab w/200k miles that was really hurt inside and out. The 3vze needed new head gaskets and, not knowing a thing about engine work, I started tearing it down. I have done some research and found the V6 to be a problem engine in these vehicles pertaining to blown head gaskets. I have also run across an early to mid 80s 4 runner in a friends yard w/22re turbo that I could purchase reasonably....only cause he rolled the thing. Will the engine fit in my 91 pickup and how difficult is the swap? Is a 22re turbo better than the 3vze in maintainance and reliability? I believe all the harnesses, ecu, and engine are still in tact on the runner.

The vehicle is going to be a daily driver for me and my girl in the winter when it is snowing and our cars cant get out of my driveway. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
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