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This truck is 92, 3.5" banks exhaust and muffler, smoke screw turned up since I have owned and the pump timing advanced right before the Tellico trip.

Here is the short term fuel mileage report for our trip to Tellico and the long term report since I owned the truck.
I keep a mileage/maintenance log and track mileage and each fuel stop.

Tellico Trip (Charleston WV to Tellico via I-75)

195700 Filled up at Winfield
Towing my camper, Jess' trailer and jeep GVW 15000+

195925.....18.893 gal......11.91 MPG......Corbin KY
196149.....16.938 gal......13.22 MPG......Murphy NC
Return trip was VIA I-40 and I-77
196399.....20.118 gal......12.43 MPG.....Jonesville NC
196543.....10.659 gal......13.51 MPG.....Beckley

Avg for trip is 13.32 MPG

Since I have owned the truck
I have:
Filled up 126 time
Ran 41135 miles
burned 2575.51 gallons of fuel
that cost $4239.37

The long term averages are 15.97 MPG and $0.10 per mile in fuel costs.
The best was 19.99 MPG
The worst was 11.46 MPG, that was towing wide open all the way back from windrock last year.

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This truck now has 196,858 miles on it and runs great.

It's odd that my best fuel mileage was on the last leg of the trip, because that is going through the biggest mountains.
You would think the first leg would be the best going through KY, it was the worst.

I maintained 53 MPH on Jellico Mt, but kept it in OD.
I learned later to kick it out of OD when it drop below 57 MPH.
From then on I could maintain over 60 MPH on the big grades, including Fancy Gap.

Through Fancy Gap, I ran it up to 62 to see what it would do and backed it off to 55 MPH. I ran into some truck traffic and ran it up to 62 again for a while until I got around it and then dropped back to 55.

Fancy Gap seems alot worse than Jellico. The only reason my speed was so low on Jellico was because I kept it in OD like a tewl.
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