1992 Jeep YJ with 104,033 miles on it, with the 4.0L inline 6 cylinder engine and an automatic transmission.

My wife and I bought this Jeep from a friend in 2011 with about 83k miles on it. It had several mechanical issues which we had fixed and drove it for several years. Around 2017 we found a rust hole in the frame by the front leaf spring shackle, and didn't think it was safe to drive anymore so we parked it until we could put a new frame on it. We never got around to it, and because of back issues my wife can't drive it anymore, so we're looking to sell it. It was running well when we parked it, but that was over 5 years now.

What was fixed when we bought it:
Rust hole in frame by rear back leaf spring shackle. The shop repaired it with a Safe-T-Cap from autorust.com.
Cooling fan was wrong one and blew air out instead of sucking it in.
Due to the cooling fan the head warped. It was machined flat again and the engine was cleaned of gunky oil.

What needs to be fixed that I know of:
The aforementioned rust hole in the frame.
Oil is leaking from the transfer case. I believe this is because of a leaking rear main engine seal which is leaking engine oil into the transfer case.
The rear differential leaks oil.
While it sat, it developed rust in both rocker panels.