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got a few pictures with the ad here. if you want pics of something particular let me know.


Here's what the craiglist ad says:

1992 Ford Ranger. It's got a 302 v-8, C-6 transmission, NP205 transfer case, HP Dana 44 front, Chevy 14 bolt rear end. front is locked, rear is welded, also has disk brakes on the rear, both axles are geared at 4.10. Brand new hummer wheels and tires, ZERO miles. Transfer case is twin sticked. chasis has about 140,xxx miles on it, probably 3-4000 on the axles and motor. motor was totally rebuilt before being installed, as was the transmission. Truck has an aluminum radiator, and a ford taurus fan. Body is in good shape, a few dings, and minor rust starting around the fenders. has two aftermarket bucket seats, with a 5 point harness on the drivers side. Fuel cell mounted in the bed, brand new holley fuel pump that has never seen the road or trails.

The Bad.

Truck has been sitting for a while, I have other priorities at this point.
It is not currently inspected, I have started reworking the front end, to drive or wheel it, it needs a wheel spacer on the front axle. I have hummer wheels and tires, and the spacer will be needed the make the steering clear the wheels. front driveshaft is out, i broke a u-joint last time out, and never put it back in. Carb needs a little tweeking to run right/idle smooth.

I can put this on a trailer and deliver if need be. I am trying to leave for boot camp in august, truthfully, i want to see somebody enjoy this truck, it will climb whatever you point it at, and its fun to drive around town, but i need money in the bank to cover bills while im gone and i need the space in the yard as well.
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