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Got an x-cab and i don't need this anymore. Comes with all carpet and rear seats, headliner, etc. No dash or harness. Ill throw in the 4 half doors. The cab has seen some use to say the least:flipoff2: And this last weekend it got it a bit hard and took out the rear window on the pass. side, so this would be perfect to avalanche or whatever. I have the title and its still registered until january. Ill give you the tailgate also, and it roles up still. No windshield either, i just put it in so im going to attempt to take it out, if you want the brand new windshield though i would rather you just give me an extra $150, which would cover the cost of a new one for my new cab and save me the headache of possibly trashing the one that is in there by trying to get it out. Im asking $150 for the cab, +$150 if you want the windshield.

Ill get pics soon

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