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If memory serves me right the 93 bj 60 I have uses 3" spring perches. The plan so far was to run Toyota rears for their military wrap, length and good droop. They are 2.5" wide. Only thing I didn't think of was the cast perch on the drivers side being 3".

Has anyone done something to solve this without hacking the casting up a ton?

My initial though is to use the perch as it is and weld retainers to the u-bolt plate to retain the 2.5" spring on the 3" perch. It would only have to be 1/4" thick.

Another option is to run a 2 or 3 leaf pack from a super duty instead. Problem I can see with this is how flexy they will be.

Any other suggestions or thoughts on this? Yes I will be running leafs up front, please deal with it.
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