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93 Jeep Grand Lim, 4.56, ARB, 6" lift, 33's d30hp, lotsostuff $4500

Hey Guys...

I've owned this one for a while, been on the road for many years, but with the house, other projects, and now my health, i have little time left for wheeling...she's been very reliable, and has taken us MANY places, as many local buddy's will attest...

here's the low down:

93 Jeep Grand Cherokee
-Np 242 (5k miles old...was converted from a 249...)
-D30 Front HP, D35 rear (surprisingly strong, and held up well...probably cause it's scared that i have spare shafts)
-Aussie locker up front, limited slip in the rear
- 33 x 12.50 x 15 MT/R's mounted on steelies (5 tires...)
-6" lift (4" teraflex with adjustable lower arms, & 2" spacers)
-Bilstein shocks, with bar-pin elim, and top stud adapters
-C 4x4 rock sliders
-C 4x4 t-case skid
-C 4x4 tank skid
-ARB front bumper w/ Hella 500's
-62mm bored TB
-K&N filter
-Yellow top optima battery
-3" flowmaster exhaust
-3 Core radiator, 180 thermostat, & flowkooler pump (NEVER has been above 185deg...)
- white face indiglo gauges (glow green & blue)
- CB, firestik ant, etc
- setup for OBA, but lacks compressor...

--NEEDS a loving home, and someone to give it a hug, as it's an orphan, shunned aside from the insurance co :(:( (clean title though...) after it's been attacked by a tornado...(many moons ago...) it has a good amount of character (read: dents) but they've grown on me, and it makes one less worried about trail damage ( i still try and avoid things...:D) also could use an exhaust manifold, and has a small 2" x 4" area of rot on the PS rear wheel well... (i just haven't had the chance to cut a piece out of a junked one and replace it....relatively easy fix....)

This beast will go anywhere, and i have spare shafts, etc for it....i will miss it, but it's just been sitting quietly, waiting for me to patiently return it to service, but i can't bring myself to tell her the truth....:shaking::barf: she'd probably try and run me over...:eek:

some pics (other sh*t in there too.... axles and whatnot...) http://s205.photobucket.com/albums/bb84/gr40rcapri/jeepin pics/

email me @ ieatriceeveryday AT yahoo dot com ...



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BUMP... just got home from the hospital after a 10 day stay...(what fun...)

nice rig, highway capable, usually in the 17-18 MPG range...

we have always driven the 2-2.5 hrs to the camp and wheeling trails....
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