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1993 Toyota Pickup, 127000 miles, 22RE, 5spd
Very clean frame with no rust. Minor rust blister on left rear corner of cab. This truck runs great down the road, and will run 75 all day long. The interior is in great shape for the age, just some staining on the carpet, and some minor cracking in the vinyl on the side of the seat.
-15x10 Alloy wheels
-36x13.50 Super Swamper Iroks
-Extra set of 15x8 alloy wheels with 33x12.50 bald mud tires
-Solid front axle swap. (Trail-Gear 3" kit) (200 miles)
-83 Front axle housing w/upper and lower trusses, front diff guard, 5.29 gears, lock right locker, longfield stubs (200 miles)
-Stock rear axle housing w/1/4" shock mounts, adjusted brake lines, Marlin Crawler 3rd member with 5.29s and full case Detroit (200 miles)
-new 1/4" wall tube driveshaft (balanced shaft... not square tube)
-New Hammered Pig-Ironworks rear bumper
-Trail Gear stainless brake lines (200 miles)
-Trail Gear high steer (200 miles)
-14" Bilstien 5150 shocks in front
-12" Bilstien 5150 shocks in rear
-New Clutch and pressure plate (200 miles)
-New fluids everywhere (200 miles)
-New cap, rotor, plugs, and wires (200 miles)
-New alternator (200 miles)
-New motor mounts (200 miles)
-New exhaust w/cat and o2 sensor (200 miles)
-New pcv valve, thermostat, plenum gaskets (200 miles)
-New battery (200 miles)
-New fuel filter (200 miles)
-New air filter (200 miles)
-New Mass Air Flow
-New starter

The truck was just inspected and tagged for 2 years in DE. The tag will go with the truck if it is sold to a DE resident.


Check out my c-list add for pics. 93 Toyota Pickup SAS Locked Swampers

I will post the pictures on here in a few once I remember the name of the picture website I have these bitches posted on... Much less my password HAH!
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