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OK Gentlemen. I just finished a 4.0L swap from a '95 XJ into my '85 CJ7. I used an Advance Adapters bell house to mate my T5 tranny to the block. The crank position sensor is mounted in the bell house hole made by A.A. with factory style screws to align the sensor. The rest of the fuel injection system is in a stock configuration from the XJ. I should note that the control unit was purchased from Hessco set for a manual tranny vehicle.

The problem seems to be that my ignition timing is at 18 Deg. BTDC with the engine at idle RPM. This seems quite advanced from what I would geuss it should be. I get a good deal of pinging regardless of fuel octane used. The motor runs with less power than I would expect as well.

I have 2 questions. First does any one know off hand what my timing should be? And second is it possible that I got my flywheel miss aligned with the crankshaft? I seem to remember that the bolt holes linned up easier than I thought they should. Is Jeep like chevy where the holes will only line up one way?

Thanks in advance for any input.
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