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hey, so i just picked up this 95 runner for $3500. it already has a superlift, the guy said it as 6", and 35" MTs

before i say anything esle i just wanted to mention that this is my first real project. although i am no pro mechanic or fabricator i can do alot w/ the rght tools and some instructions. i havn't got a bender yet, but i have been practicing my welding skills. want to try and make some sliders and bumpers when i get off from work.

the first thing i noticed about the truck when i got it were the lower links, they hang down about 8 inches under the frame rail. can i extend the lower links to mount right underneath the frame rail w/ out changed the upper links or the panhard? or is there another way to arrange the links? i saw the shaffer setup but havn;t really decided on anything yet what do u think?

also how hard is it to convert to leaves in the rear, i read that it was alot more work then ripping out the ifs. i agree there is alot of stuff to be removed but it's not that hard to do is it? and i do want sas it when i feel more comfortable w/ fab skills

one more thing, want to paint the truck, i figure i'll just buy a cheap paint gun and paint it out side unless i can find a garage to use. it doesn't have to look perfect but what i wanted to know is if there is anything i can to do to make sure the paint sticks, obvously sand, and clean, any other tricks?

alrght enough talk, here is the truck

here is the low link mount i was talking about

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the folks on the board have done a good job of putting together a bunch of FAQ pages
your best bet will be to read them.
easy to do, just doa search on the toyota board for FAQ, you will learn the terms from these pages and then you can do further searches on those topics
don't have to do it all in one night so take your time read and look at all the pics
if you aren't comforatable doing a SAS right now, don't wait a little and build some sliders

congrats on the new truck and best of luck to ya :beer:
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