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95 jeep wrangler need to sell

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need money for house full write up at craigs list
call or email for more info located in livermore and i would like 5000$obo
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That pic you have on craigslist is on the Deer Valley Trail...
close slick rock i think they call the spot vrock or somthing
top any trades? would perfera long bed truck
top any trades? would perfera long bed truck
'98 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4
Power package-Power Windows/locks/steering/brakes. Extended cab 4 door. Needs rear window replaced, needs tires. Runs and drives great. 180k miles.
Set up for towing, electric brake controler, new heavy duty rears overload shocks, and new brakes.
Blue Book is $6100

thanks matt
84 scrambler you have a pm thanks
not realy hat i am looking, for only a 1/2 ton and i am not much of a dodge truck man unless it is a cummins
come on cash offers?
well i guess i am going to have to install the 44 and 9inch a wheel the shit out of it.
Sent a PM.

The craigslist add is expired.
I am interested in the Jeep. The pics have expired on your like so list a $ and specs.
make cash offer
last time to the top
^ I also want to see some pictures and facts. The page expired, and im interested. Hurry it up! :D
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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