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too much to list but tis truck is a nice one and im selling only because i need a tow rig for my jeep and this is a huge truck not much for towing lol

welp a few things i have had done

New front straight axle high pinion w/chevy outters doen by Extreme 4 wheel in pville

5.7 litre v8 Vortec with 30,000 miles on it
headers - hedmans and are totally smoggable
brand new rear end pozzie and gears all 4.88's
tires- 38 inch parnellis rides very nice
interior is loaded all leather all power
2,000 stereo and loud alarm - eclipse deck - 12 inch Woofer and 6's in the door Furcals and the amp is a 800.1 Rockfort Fosgate i may keep the woofer and speakers if the interested party has thier own stuff?
very loud

this truck is the biggest in town with the exception of one other rig because hes running 42's but if he had 38's mines the biggest lift in town 15 inches of lift

It will hit the autotrader in the next week.
also just had brand new rear brakes and calipers done and the fronts are brand new also

the whole front end is brand new and should go 100,000 miles before you need to even mess with the ball joints

also has tinted windows rears darker then the fronts pretty dark rears

here s pic i have more if interested just email me at [email protected]

here it is next to myu new GMC 4x4 i just bought

here is the truck with the 40 inch swampers on it when i bought it

you can see the ifs under the front end in this pic i had taken out

i also just had mudflaps put on the truck. if you want more pics of interior or rear or anything just hollar

oh by the way not one ding on this 96 excpet the rear tailgate has a little tiny ding. Most people think this is a 98 and newer rig when they try to guess the year cause its so clean

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Well the price i am starting at is 20,000 and before you think thats too high you must here how much ive spent lol

i booked my truck the other night with a new motor and it was at 14,000 + just the axle was almost 5,000 to have done but im sure someone could do themselves cheaper i wanted a shop to do the job and they did a nice job on the conversion.

other features are power seats, windows , mirrors and i dont think the back seats ever been used its folded up now to allow my woofer. The tires cost 1,800 not counting the rims wich were on when i bought the truck
the truck had almost brand new 40 inch swampers when i bought it and a 13 inch full thrttle ifs lift .... i sold the lift and the tires on this board to others. The tires whent to Lake Tahoe for 600 bux that was a great deal and the lift was 400 and originally was 2800 but i whent straight axle because it was going to go through the ifs front ends every year or so.

i am willing to hear offers but i definately dont want to be lowballed if someones serious i will meet them at a fair price for sure

i am in Pollock Pines Cal,

rear axle is a 14 bolt heavy half ton and is brand new all around new possie added by extreme 4x4 - 4.88 gears and new seals from west coast diff in Sac

Drive lines also been chaved and balanced as well - and Bob Rogie made custom rear shackles for it. I have add a leaf heavy over load springs if you want to put them in the rear as well.

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